Universities, even amazing design schools, are out of reach and out of touch. Design education is inaccessible for some and too expensive for most. They fail to adapt to the designers changing role in our knowledge economy. And perhaps worst of all, they fail to educate designers on the new competitive environment, caused by international resources and software. There has to be a better way.

It’s time for disruption.

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We’ve walked in your shoes. We graduated from design schools, fought tooth and nail for freelance gigs, established creative companies, succeeded and failed. We have witnessed firsthand the shift in a designer’s value from making to thinking. And we know, most of all, that traditional education fails to prepare you for all of this.

Our sole purpose, our one mission, is to help you achieve success.

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Get knowledge from top creative minds, successful creative entrepreneurs, award-winning and talented creative directors, art directors and designers who are currently working in the field. Today.

The old saying, “If you can’t do, teach,” is foolish. We not only do, we excel. And we can prove it. Don’t believe us?

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The role of a designer is changing. In order for us to realize our full value potential, we must realize our role as greater than makers. Greater than aesthetics. Greater than order takers. With the global acceptance of design thinking, we must embrace our position in the knowledge economy, seeking to provide value over and above pushing pixels.

And no, we’re not suggesting abandoning your craft. Aesthetics will always play an important role in design. We simply want to help you shift your mindset from order-taker to consultant and strategic partner. Value your thoughts and your process more than your creation. Envision commanding the room and leading your clients. This is what we believe in.


If you have an internet connection, you can join us. Our content is designed to be consumed from anywhere in the world, on the go, at home, secretly at your day job. Twenty-four seven. From downloadable kits to extensive (and free) video episodes on YouTube, we’re here – and there – for you.

But not only do we meet you where you are physically, we develop content specifically for where you are in your career. From the dorm-dwelling student designer to the time-weathered agency owner, we strive to provide value to everyone.

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We’re for the hustlers. The career-switchers. The grinders. The entrepreneurs. The world may see you as lost non-conformists, unorthodox pixel-pushers, disenfranchised order takers or left behind. All we see are free thinkers, doers, free-thinkers who are obsessed with success.

From student to freelancer, in-house to agency, we are for you.

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So you’ve gotten past the first two steps of a first meeting: connecting with your client and ensuring you’re both in alignment. What next? Today we’ll sum up what happens during the rest of the meeting, and what you need to do to transition into asking for the sale. The Third Step of a First Meeting: Clarify This step is where you show off your listening skills and confirm what your potential client has already revealed. This process should be concise and straight to the point. Read back what they’ve said to you in the form of a short summary.…
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In this episode, Chris and Nick chat about the differences between a fully scalable product oriented model (Greyscalegorilla) vs. mentorship approach (MoGraph Mentor) and everything in between. Chris and Nick also ask each other questions on business models and strategy. Another topic covered is the struggle of others not being able to perform to your own personal standards. Chris believes in having others do work for him while Nick prefers getting his own hands dirty. A business coach taught Chris that no one will ever be able to do exactly what you want and how you want it done. Business coach Keir McLaren also…
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