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Our standard logo design package includes a 2 hour discovery session (done remotely) to define your brand (the what, how, who and why). What does your brand look and feel like? How does it sound— voice and tone? Who do you serve? Why do you exist? How do you improve the lives of your customers?

Once we’ve narrowed the look/feel and visual direction that is in alignment with brand and customer’s expectations, we’ll provide you with a “stylescape”— your brand articulated through visuals (textures, color, typography samples, packaging, etc…)

We’ll provide you with an initial round of 3 logo design options to select from. You’ll be able to provide feedback, preferences and direction for an additional 2 rounds of refinement. Once completed we’ll provide you with:

logotype (scaleable vector file w/ png versions for social media use)
color palette
primary and secondary typeface recommendations


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