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Strategist Douglas Davis

Douglas Davis was the kid who was drawing when the teacher was lecturing, creating when others were just coasting. With the help of a nurturing mother, and a lot of talent and hustle, Douglas worked his way into a design career, but always wanted more. He had spent a lot of his life creating, but came to a point where he wanted to explore the business side, as well, and moved into strategy. In this week’s conversation, Chris talks to Douglas about growing up and going to school with very few resources, moving into the world of strategy and the…
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Content Marketing Consultant Ryan Robinson

How do more people find you? How do you get more clients? They make business possible, so we all want more of them, right? But clients tend to go with who they know. So, how do you get clients to know and trust you? Chris talks to Ryan Robinson, a Content Marketing Consultant, whose job is to help you gain that trust and those customers.
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The Importance Of A Name With Eli Altman

The first time you meet someone, there are several things you judge them on. When you come into contact with a company or a product, though, their name is, almost universally, the first thing you judge them on, so a name is no small thing. In this episode, Chris talks with Eli Altman, who runs A Hundred Monkeys, the naming company started by his dad. Their mission is to jump through all of the hoops for a company to get them just the right name for their service or product.
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Logo Inspirations Jonathan Rudolph

Jonathan Rudolph had been working as a graphic design for years, in different countries, when he decided to use his Instagram account as a public database for some of the work that inspired him the most. The account, Logo Inspirations, has grown to half a million followers, and Jonathan is now responsible for a community of design lovers. In this episode, we’re going to talk about his journey, what it’s like to run a popular Instagram account, day to day, and how he navigates the online business world.
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