Market your creative business and generate more design leads.

You asked. We listened. Welcome to Business Bootcamp.

If you are happy with the quantity and quality of your leads, and you are ecstatic when the phone rings and you see your client’s number on the screen, this class isn’t for you. If you’re not ready to work hard, this class isn’t for you. If you’re not ready to specialize, utilize marketing tools, and create content, this class isn’t for you. But if you worry about where your next design job is coming from, if your inbox is empty and your phone isn’t ringing, keep reading.

We all graduate from design school with the mindset that as long as we produce great work, more work will come. Unfortunately, that’s far from the truth. Our goal with this class is to teach marketing for designers specifically. If you’re ready to up your game, start hustling, and produce consistent, quality leads, this multi-part video class is for you.

Sales and Marketing Class For Designers - Business Bootcamp - The Futur
Sales and Marketing Class For Designers - Business Bootcamp - The Futur
Sales and Marketing Class For Designers - Business Bootcamp - The Futur
Sales and Marketing Class For Designers - Business Bootcamp - The Futur
Sales and Marketing Class For Designers - Business Bootcamp - The Futur
Sales and Marketing Class For Designers - Business Bootcamp - The Futur

Chris Do


Chris Do is the CEO of Blind and The Futur, and is an Emmy-award winning director, designer, strategist and educator.

Founded in 1995, Blind has been a pioneer in the motion design field and has made hundreds of award-winning commercials, music videos and broadcast promos that combine design, typography, animation, live action and visual effects for screens and clients of all sizes.

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Chris Do - Instructor: Sales and Marketing Lead Generation

Earn more money

By engineering your marketing funnel to perform, you’ll learn how to bring in more and (even better) higher quality leads. What does this mean for you? More revenue.

Concoct your ideal client

It’s harder than you think – can you sum up your ideal client in a few sentences? Are you scared of specializing your practice? That’s one of the first topics that we will cover together.

Work less hours

As you begin to close larger projects, you’ll need to take on less work. And when you have great budgets, you can hire great talent to do the creative work for you.

Learn how to market

Once we’ve built your ideal client, we will dig into how to market directly to them. We’ve established over twenty different marketing channels that are viable for creative entrepreneurs.

Find great projects

Ever wonder how some studios and freelancers wind up with the coolest projects? Learn why it’s easier to say no to bad jobs when you have a consistent amount of options.

Refine your funnel

Be honest – do you have a marketing funnel? If you do, does it work? Don’t fear. We’ll talk in depth about the marketing funnel, and how it applies to generating client leads.

Ben Burns - Instructor: Sales and Marketing Lead Generation

Ben Burns


Ben Burns is a brand strategist, an award-winning designer, and an expert in digital projects.  As the Digital Director of Blind, he oversees the intersection of design and technology in all client work. 

Prior to joining the team at Blind, Ben founded Burnt Creative, a brand experience agency in Richmond, Virginia. Ben grew Burnt Creative from humble beginnings to command five-figure branding engagements. He also served on the executive board of the Richmond AIGA chapter as Vice President. 

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Learn sales and marketing secrets used by top design agencies

Get ready for growth:


We totally understand. Our mission is to empower you, any way we can, which is why we have an entire library of free content, made for creatives just like you.

If you need help with sales, lead generation and closing, we absolutely recommend watching these videos.These videos are all about marketing for designers. The tips here will help you get bigger clients that pay more and ask for less. Even better: subscribe to the channel for free to get updates!

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Sales and Marketing Testimonial - The Futur
Sales and Marketing Testimonial - The Futur

“There were many practical and executable marketing applications and methodology being discussed for your business’ growth and capturing sales through relationship building and using technology to your advantage. This course will not only help you in your business but the teachings are motivational and inspiring that you can carry in your daily lives.”

– Yohanes Q.

“I have been in business for about 6 years now and one of the things I have realized after taking this course is that there were a lot of things I didn’t know. Most of them are things that are already in the surface but I just didn’t pay attention to. This course gave me a new perspective on how I view sales and marketing. Whether you are new to sales and marketing or already a veteran, I think you can benefit from this course.”

– Marvin T.