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Resources: The Futur Personal Branding Worksheet

Personal Branding Worksheet


Does your personal brand reflect who you need to be in order to reach your professional goals? If you don’t know, use this worksheet to learn about yourself and find out.


The First Meeting Workbook

First Meeting Workbook


Ever wondered what companies like Blind say on our first call with a prospective client? Wonder no longer. Download this free workbook and structure your calls like we do.


Pitch Evaluation Worksheet


Are you confident in your idea? Make sure you go into your presentation knowing you’ll walk out a winner. Use the free Pitch Evaluation Worksheet to test your idea.


Focus Worksheet from The Futur

Focus Worksheet

Personal Growth

Using this will allow you to maximize your productivity and keep what matters in mind. The focus sheet was a Pro Group resource but we decided to release it to the public.


chris do resume template

Resume Template

Personal Growth

This template can help you land your next job. Download a template of Chris Do’s resume; Learn what an Executive Creative Director includes in their resume.


Typography Manual Vol 1

Typography Manual Vol. 1


Are you wanting to learn much as you can about typography? This manual can help you learn the basics of type setting and design.


The Pitch Kit: Preview


Do you pitch to land new business? You’ll love this. Take a sneak peak into Matthew Encina’s The Pitch Kit. Just click here and scroll down to enter your email address and see inside the kit.


Recent Podcasts

All the best in audio form

Motionographer Founder Justin Cone

What does it mean to be a “King Maker”? With great power comes great responsibility. Chris talks to Justin Cone about how industry favorite website, Motionographer.com, came together, the ripple effect of being on their “Cream Of The Crop” list, and the landscape of revenue creation and usefulness for sites like his have changed over the last decade.
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School of Motion Founder Joey Korenman

Chris sits down with Joey Korenman to talk about his journey from designer to educator, and opening the online education platform School Of Motion. They also discuss what it means to know what you’re worth, and the fine art of discovering what a client needs, versus what they want.   Find this podcast on… SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave
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The State of Design Education

In this episode, Chris and Nick chat about the differences between a fully scalable product oriented model (Greyscalegorilla) vs. mentorship approach (MoGraph Mentor) and everything in between. Chris and Nick also ask each other questions on business models and strategy. Another topic covered is the struggle of others not being able to perform to your own personal standards. Chris believes in having others do work for him while Nick prefers getting his own hands dirty. A business coach taught Chris that no one will ever be able to do exactly what you want and how you want it done. Business coach Keir McLaren also…
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Learning, Collaboration, Critique & Feedback

This episode is a follow up to our first episode with Greyscalegorilla founder, Nick Campbell, where Chris and Stewart discuss mindset and working with clients. When is the right time to ask questions? What kind of questions should you ask? What is the right approach when trying to develop a concept with your client? Chris and Stewart open up with a conversation about the advantages and disadvantages of working from home. Chris enjoys the freedom he has at home but he also realizes the communication with his co-workers is sacrificed. Stewart enjoys the structure of the office because it helps…
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