Creative Consulting with Matthew Encina

Need help creating a solid pitch deck? Want an objective perspective to bounce your ideas around? Whether it’s creating a commercial treatment, building a portfolio to get work, or refining a concept, I’ll help you gain clarity and focus on maximizing the effectiveness of your creative efforts.

Hello, I’m Matthew Encina, a creative director at Blind. I’ve been in the design and mograph industry for over a decade, working as a designer, animator, and director. I’m making myself available so that you can get one on one coaching.

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Why consult with Matthew Encina?

Matthew is not only an expert an animation and design but has built up a specialized skillset in creating winning pitch decks and creating clear, targeted portfolios to get work. He can help you organize, test, and refine your ideas; and improve your chances of winning clients.

What do I get?

You get a block of time where Matthew will leverage his skills and experiences to create a custom solution for your problem. The call will be recorded so you can reference it later and share it with your team.

How does it work?

After you purchase the block of time, Matthew will reach out to you and schedule a time to talk. Before the call, he will ask you a few questions:

  • What’re your goals?
  • What are the barriers getting in your way?
  • What topic would you like to focus on during the call?
  • What do you need to do?

Make sure you are in a quiet place with high-quality headphones and mic. Please make sure you are free of distractions.

That’s it. Matthew will do the rest.


About Matthew

Matthew is an award-winning creative director at Blind with over a decade of experience in the design and mograph industry. He is an international lecturer speaking at events, including TEDxCSULB. He is a content creator at The Futur and author of The Pitch Kit, which teaches creatives a focused design process to pitch ideas that win. Matthew has been featured in: Fast Company, Inc., Advertising Age, Rolling Stone, Creativity, The Wall Street Journal, MTV, and in film & design festivals around the world. He has worked with clients that include: Xbox, Coldplay, Playstation, Microsoft, and Some career highlights include his three-time Webby Award winning interactive music video “Ink” for Coldplay, and the CLIO award winning “Jump Ahead” film for Xbox.

Matthew received his BFA in Graphic Design from Art Center College of Design and you can view his portfolio at:


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5 reviews for Creative Consulting with Matthew Encina

  1. Drew Martin (verified owner)

    Matt is truly at the top of his field. His work is thoughtful, diligent, and of the highest calibre. He is the embodiment of you get what you pay for. One hour with Matt is comparable to a week of work from someone else.

  2. mannegrepo (verified owner)

    Matt is an excellent listener, perceptive in understanding your needs, concise in his advice, and thorough in his consultation making sure you cover as much as possible.

    I came into the consultation confused and unsure of myself, and I left with more confidence and a clearer understanding of my goals. I wish I had done this sooner.

    It was also a lot of fun talking to him!

  3. marvin (verified owner)

    Matthew helped uncover holes in our current workflow by asking really good questions. It was a very productive consultation call. Matt has valuable experience in motion design and he was able to help me pinpoint the redundancies in our process and what I should do. After the meeting, what I got was that I already have a clear plan of action on how to improve our workflow. With the consultation, I felt more confident and excited to try his advice immediately and suddenly everything seemed to make sense now. If I run into future problems I would definitely consult with Matt again.

  4. Roxy Velez

    This consultation with Matthew exceeded my expectations. Even thought I was sure I would get some nice answers of my inquiries. Besides this I got a nice perspective that will help me achieve my goals faster than If I had had to learn it the hard way. I got so many gold tips, I can see how in the future without this knowledge I could have lost more money than what the cost of the consultation was. Saying that, I fully recommend Matthew! 🙂

  5. Elodie Smith

    I consulted Matthew about specific design questions in mind. The consultation was very different from what I anticipated, but it also completely exceeded my expectations. It made me completely rethink my approach, way beyond the particular project I wanted to consult him about. His suggestions were so useful that I will them to every aspects of my work. And the best part of it? He actually didn’t make any suggestions! We just talked about process and everything became clear to me. I highly recommend Matthew, every second and every penny of our chat was worth it!

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