UX Masterclass

In this Masterclass series, Jose Caballer, the creator of the CORE Strategy system, shares the six principals he uses to translate strategy to UX.

These principals are companions to more traditional UX training. For example if you attended General Assembly or know how to create UX deliverables such as sitemaps and wireframes, these principals give you the tools needed to put those into action on a real project with real people.


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The series starts with an overview of the 6 principals in the first course titled “User Experience.” The first principal; “The UX Mindset” sets the stage for the activation of the subsequent 5. Understanding how to use UX Patterns, how to use Story, how to use Agreements and how to use Validation to manage the design of your websites or apps.

The final two courses are bonuses that address the art of facilitating strategy for groups and the last video addresses the need to change work culture in order to reap the benefits of user (people) focused business.

The world is changing fast and wether you are new to UX or a veteran this series will give you deep insights into the mind of a veteran UX designers. Don’t miss this.

The series was created for our amazing community of designers, web developers, polymaths and creative entrepreneurs that are building agencies, startups and amazing companies using the tools we are providing.

The UX Masterclass Series consists of 9 courses each about an hour and a half long. The courses were taught live with audience participation and Q&A.

All PDFs of the presentations for each course are included in this kit.

Videos Included:

  1. User Experience (1:39:25)
  2. The UX Mindset (1:25:00)
  3. UX Patterns (1:12:45)
  4. Story (1:14:18)
  5. Anchors (1:14:18)
  6. Agreements (57:17)
  7. Validation (1:27:53)

In Addition:

  1. Facilitation Techniques (1:07:30)
  2. Towards a New UX Culture (1:12:02)

Over 300 pages included in the presentation PDF’s.



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