CORE UX – User Experience

How do you translate Brand Attributes, User Profiles and Customer Goals into something tangible?

This kit will allow you to translate the CORE exercises into deliverables such as websites and applications. If you have ever wondered how to translate CORE into design this kit is for you. The PostCORE kit also includes and introduction to Agile project management, another tool that will allow you to successfully translate CORE into real life products.

See us in action doing live UX for a real project.

Want to watch Jose and Chris creating sitemaps and wireframes for a real life project? In addition to 4 videos (Over an hour) overviewing UX Facilitation and defining the user experience for Ole’s a real life Blind client you will get a 70 page PDF that outlines the process step-by-step.


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What it Brings:

POST | CORE – User Experience Facilitation 

  • 4 PostCORE UX Facilitation Videos.
    Watch Jose & Chris work together to redesign the Ole’s website.
  • 70 page PDF overview of UX Facilitation.

POST | CORE – Introduction to Agile  

  • PostCORE Agile Introduction Video. (1:22 min)  
  • 60 page PDF introduction of Agile concepts.
BONUS – Examples  
  • User Experience Knowledge Depository Over 50 articles, research papers and studies on different topics related to UX.  
  • Large flip chart size templates for website and mobile sketching.
  • Sample online application wireframes.
  • Sample project sitemap and wireframes.



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