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Defining brands and designing websites taken to the next level. That is what CORE is all about. This is what agencies like Blind are able to do. It is not taught in school. We show you how.

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Why buy the CORE Strategy Kit?

If you went to a traditional design school, you learned how to design logos, photoshop images, and layout type for print and screens. But you didn’t learn how to architect a brand with real clients. So when a client approaches you to help them rebrand and build a website, you jump in and design. Deep into the project you realize what many of us in the industry have experienced— endless rounds of revisions, subjective feedback like “My wife doesn’t like it”, only to see any profit vaporize right before your eyes. Frustration sets in.

The problem? It’s really difficult to define a brand and even more difficult to design a site for a user that you don’t understand. What features and functions should you include? What’s important to them? Where do you start? That’s where CORE steps in.

We designed CORE to be a collection of 3 key exercises that help you define the brand, build user personas and prioritize goals (marketing, revenue and efficiency) with your clients. How? We simplify a complex process and break a brand into 7 primary attributes, like: voice/tone, culture and benefit/impact. By providing your clients with these prompts, you’ll be able to engage with them and elicit answers that are meaningful to them. Sounds simple? It is. We designed it that way. That’s just the beginning.

What is included in the CORE Strategy Kit?


Brand Definition Exercise. A 30 minute exercise that breaks down the process of creating a “brand statement” into a series of prompts that allow for a group to create this together.

User Definition Exercise. In this exercise you guide the group of stakeholders in the process of defining who their customers are and what their needs are.

Goals Definition Exercise. Imagine being able to get clear prioritized business goals from your client. This exercise does that for you.

Facilitation Handbook. A step-by-step handbook on how to facilitate a CORE Session

CORE Workbook and Examples.

3 Real Life End-to-End Project Examples.

Design Directions/Stylescapes.

CORE empowers you, the designer, to hold work sessions with your clients to build consensus, surface insights and gain alignment for all the key stakeholders. You will go from order-taker to valued partner.


“Learning business from you has sky rocketed my business and not only am I working for myself but been able to land much better clients paying premium rates. The PRE-CORE program you sell is a great addition for me also and I’d strongly advise other designers to get their hands on that and then buy CORE. What you share here Chris is fundamentals to help every designer and if you are new to the design business then this will truly transform your business.” — Laith W.

“Just an update on my first paid CORE facilitation session… First of all, I was super nervous going in feeling somewhat like a fraud getting paid for something I’m still learning don’t really feel fully qualified to be doing. Having said that, I must have done something right because the client wants me to do everything for them, from book design, to identity, to curriculum videos, to possible website redesign… Basically work for thenext couple years.” — David K.


How to get started with the CORE Strategy Kit?

  1. Click “Add to Cart” and purchase
  2. Enter your payment information and process the purchase
  3. You’ll be emailed a link to download the workbook and videos immediately the downloads will be automatically added to your account dashboard here
  4. Watch the video and follow along in the workbook
  5. Practice the exercises with a friend
  6. Introduce the concept to a client and offer to run a “trial” session at low or no cost
  7. Amaze and delight the client
  8. Start charging for “strategy” and build the design studio you’ve always dreamed of

About the Author

Jose Caballer is a creative entrepreneur, designer, facilitator, amateur chef, and meditation enthusiast. Today he combines his 20 years of design and businesses experience with his passion for teaching and trains thousands of professionals on webinars and in workshops worldwide. View his biography here.

4 reviews for CORE Strategy Kit

  1. Taesik Yoon (verified owner)

    Core Strategy Kit is about how you extract core information from the client. This kit will guide you through how to get those core information step by step in real life.

    you will get
    – How to get the core information from the client.
    – Workbook
    – 16 Videos show the Core exercises with a client
    – Real life project example
    – Bonus materials

    I’m thanks to Chris and Jose for sharing this valuable information.

  2. antics

    Chris Do & his team are consummate professionals and have distilled tried and true business practices into a very accessible format. This is a veritable MBA in creative business practices for a fraction of a fraction of the cost!!! I had the ammo and confidence to up my fees from roughly 10k to landing a 120k after purchasing this product! This pays for itself a million times over after landing one job. It’s a no-brainer, treat yo-self!!!

  3. randy2 (verified owner)

    After watching and re-watching hundreds of hours between Jose, Mike, and their team on youtube. I learned an incredible amount on the strategy process, defining the brand was always our objective during the branding process. However, what we unknowingly neglected were the user needs and business goals, let alone selling this idea to the client. Having detailed discovery sessions with our clients, in person, digging into their users needs, goals, and defining their brand together has inspired them to think of their company in a different way. And in the process, position ourselves as a valued, strategic partner. We are no longer in the “It looks better” game. We are now here to move the business needle forward, not be pretty makers.

    This CORE packet has giving us the resources to really understand how to facilitate sessions with clients, so they feel included, while obtaining the information we need to make an impact in their businesses. We also now have the tools needed to vet out potential leads that do not share the same values as us. “Just skip the strategy” – we now have ammunition to these types of objections. CORE has changed and shifted our agency from pixel pushers to brand builders, to customer acquisition initiatives.

    If you’re self taught, perhaps have never seen the inner workings of an agency process… this is literally for you. I feels like guarded agency information is being shared… THEY do not teach this shit in college. Heck, even if you have experience in the agency world, this is still for you!

    thefutur, seriously, thank you so much for this information. You have given me better sleeps at night, I can’t wait to master this!!

  4. Joe Vasquez (verified owner)

    I have been designing logos and visual design for more than 10 years now…but it seemed that each time I approached a client in regards to brand and brand strategy it always seemed to fall flat or possibly hit or miss, and honestly, I hated the inconsistency in my business and in my pitch as well as the follow-through. Seriously, I have done great work when it comes to design as well as brand, but it just never felt like there was a back-bone to it. So each project was like starting over, in a way. However, when I started using Core Strategy and applied this framework to each of my projects – the clients were completely invested and understood where things were headed. I felt confident being able to apply everything I already knew in regards to design, but applying the Core Strategy Framework gave me a couple of more tools to approach a client with extreme confidence and walk away knowing I have served the client with excellence. Thanks to the Futur for this level-up in my business!

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