Selling Strategy & Overcoming Objections In Sales

This module is written and designed by Blind/Futur CEO and founder, Chris Do. He shares his proven approach to closing sales and the art of writing a winning proposal— an approach that he’s used to close six figure engagements. How do you respond when you get an RFP? Stop guessing. Start Closing.

If you are having difficulty in selling, especially for strategic thinking, this module is for you. By using the Objection Matrix, you’ll be prepared to respond to the most common objections during the sales cycle. How do you respond when you don’t have domain expertise? How do you respond when your considered too expensive? Or, how do you respond to the objection that your team isn’t big enough? Actual scripts and responses are included.

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Selling Strategy is about to be a lot easier. Uncover business challenges and pain points during your first meeting with a client in 30 minutes.

Position yourself as a valuable expert during the initial sales meet and greet by shifting the conversation away from design services to uncovering business problems. Using the framework you will be able to help your clients understand why some of their customers buy, why some others buy more often while some don’t buy at all.

When clients send an RFP, what should you do? Follow our proven sales deck template to get results fast.

Once you understand the client’s goals and possible objections of working with you, you will be able to plug the objections into the included Keynote template. The template is formatted to help you overcome these objections and can be easily updated with your own branding.

What it Brings:

First Meeting, Proposal, Closing

The CORE: Selling Strategy Guide. An overview of how to sell strategy, create value and overcome objections during the sales process. Includes sample scripts of client objections and responses from real world scenarios like “You are too expensive” or “You don’t have enough depth or experience in producing what I’m looking for.” Use the PreCORE worksheet to help change the conversation in your favor during your next client meeting.

Objection Matrix Guide and Worksheet. Overcome objections without conflict and understand how to respond with consideration to your competitors. The guide and worksheet will help you pinpoint how you are different, better and the least risky choice for your prospective client.

Proposal Anatomy, Worksheet, Template and Example. What should go in your proposal? Includes a real life inquiry from an actual client all the way through the project award. See how does Chris Do responds. Template designed in Keynote with master pages, title presets so that you can put together a winning proposal. Ready to use as is. Just drop in your logo. Alternatively, you can elect to modify the designs to be consistent with your brand. Includes personal PreCORE worksheet to help guide you through constructing your proposals.

Closing. Includes notes from how Apple sells to their customers using an approach they call APPLE. Approach, Probe, Present, Listen and Explain. Closing is not about selling but educating and providing value.

Purchase includes upgrade to v.1.1 (when released).

V 1.1 upgraded kit coming soon. All customers will receive the new kit when it ships, free of charge. Buy it now, use it today and start earning more.

“The Objection Matrix allows you to quickly see the objections your client has to gaining more sales. By thinking through strategies on how to counter objections, you show how your client can embrace and pivot, turning perceived weaknesses into strengths. These pivots become key points to address in the design and messaging, making sales easier and increasing revenue.

If you successfully run the objection matrix, your client will be listening with very big ears….everyone loves making more money.” — Dave Waite, Brand Strategist/Creative Director, Zoo Keeper


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