The Art & Process of Hand Lettering A Custom Logo

Lettering from Sketch to Vector

Whether you’re a practicing or aspiring graphic designer, ninety percent of what you do relates to type. If you want to be the best at what you do, you can’t just look at a piece of type – you have to really see it. Our Lettering 1 drawing and design course will introduce and help you master typographic anatomy, rhythm, and decorative elements.

With expert guidance, you’ll take a logotype project from its first sketch to its final digital form. You’ll finish with a typographic masterpiece and the skills to create more.

J. Nils Lindstrom


Nils is a master graphic designer with expertise in hand lettering, decorative type, and custom font design. He has deep experience in identity systems, branding, logotype design and packaging. Nils is a letterform instructor of 30 years at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

  • Father of 5 children, Grandfather to 11 keeps him busy and happy.
  • Graduated Art Center College of Design 1980
  • President of Lindstrom Design from 1981 – 2006
  • President of PhD Studios 2006 – 2012
  • Member of New York Type Directors Club
  • Faculty Art Center College of Design 1987 – present

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Nils Lindstrom Lettering 1

Gain Deep Understanding

Engage more deeply with the type, letters and logos you create and manipulate by understanding the core of lettering and its evolution.

Expand Your Skills

Learn the art of lettering from a master, see how a design grows from a sketch into a digital masterpiece, and watch your design skill toolbox grow.

Take Control Of Your Type

See the process of letter design from start to finish. Apply those principles to your own workflow for complete control over the type you use.

Reach New Client Types

People love hand-made, authentic design, and companies are looking for people who can create it. Grow your skills to grow your business.

Eliminate Letter Frustration

Understand why lettering works the way it does, allowing you to fix frustrating issue before they occur and save a ton of time as you work.

Add Value To Your Product

Increase the value you bring to your clients by producing attractive, imaginative, and arresting lettering with efficiency.

Lettering: Taught the right way

You need this. Get started today.


We totally understand. Our mission is to empower you, any way we can, which is why we have an entire library of free content, made for creatives just like you.

In the meantime, check out the preview of this class! Nils walks you through playing with letter weights and why you should never – and we mean never – add a stroke to letters to increase their weight.

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Ben Burns - Instructor: Sales and Marketing Lead Generation
Ben Burns - Instructor: Sales and Marketing Lead Generation

“Guys, I’m blown away by this class. As someone who is a self-taught designer, I can’t tell you how valuable I found this information. I was there when Nils was filming, and I can attest, the man is pure magic. You’re gonna love it.”

– Ben Burns