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When Elay Cohen moved to Silicon Valley from his hometown of Toronto, he had
dreams of starting his own successful company. It would be fifteen years until
that dream came true, but it’s safe to say that it was worth the wait. SalesHood is
changing the face of sales culture. During those first fifteen years, Elay became
an expert in his field and became known in the tech world as one of the main
players who helped grow Salesforce into the multi-billion-dollar enterprise it is

Chris got a chance to sit down and chat with his client and friend to find out how
Elay stays productive while he’s busy running a fast-growing company and
writing his second book. Here are some of the great tips Elay had to share:

1. Set small goals

For Elay, every day begins with one simple action: making the bed. Yes, even
this little step provides a sense of accomplishment to start your day. It’s all about
getting something done and moving on to the next task. Elay sets his days up as
a series of goals, sometimes even dividing them up between the morning and
afternoon. Thinking small allows you to move forward at a manageable pace
instead of feeling overwhelmed by how much has to be done. Elay applies these
same principles to his business by thinking of his annual targets in terms of
monthly and quarterly objectives.

2. Double Dip

As a CEO, author and father, Elay’s schedule is unsurprisingly jam-packed. In
order to make the best use of his time, Elay likes to do two things at once
whenever possible. For example, Elay often uses his morning run as a
brainstorming session, choosing a topic to think about before he takes off. Even
time spent on social media can be useful. When Elay was working on his new
book, Enabling Mastery, he would test out his ideas while tweeting or in company
blog posts, thereby writing while simultaneously promoting his company. Talk
about killing two birds with one stone!

3. Prioritize a.k.a Don’t Be Afraid To Say No!

Successful people are often asked for their time by people looking to follow in
their footsteps. Elay says it’s been challenging, but he’s learned how to say no to
that proverbial “cup of coffee” and instead offer to be helpful in a more concrete
(and less time consuming) way like making an introduction or granting a specific
request. When it comes to prioritizing his schedule, Elay likes to ask himself what
will make a difference today and move those things to the top of the list.

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