Design schools are failing students. And not in the traditional-F-on-my-project kind of way. They’re not setting you up for success in business! Whether your goal is to get a good job after graduation or to start a freelance career, you need business knowledge to thrive. Welcome to The Futur. You’re in the right place.

Typography Manual


Whether you’re about to enroll in school, halfway through your degree or just graduated, you should be preparing for the professional market by honing your typography skills. Lucky for you, we’ve created this Typography Manual that teaches the fundamentals in ten easy rules.

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We’ve selected a few highlights that you need to see, kicking off with a fantastic guide to designing your first student design portfolio.

Our YouTube channel is bursting at the seams with hard-to-tackle subjects like getting your first design job, figuring out if design school is right for you, and design critiques. It’s all out there for you, free!

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Mario R Testimonial - The Futur

“I’m in university right now and this is what it feels like compared to The Futur, a true masterclass: University is kindergarten. Unchallenging and stuck in its ways.”

– Mario R.


First Meeting Client Profile: The Fisher

It’s the first time you’re meeting with a client. You pick up the phone or walk through the door: who do you see? Chances are good it’s one of four different people. Every client is different, but most of them fall into one of four categories. Today we’re going to talk about someone you can waste a lot of time on: The Fisher. First Meeting Client Profile: The Fisher So you scored a meeting with a potential new client. Great! They must be in the market for exactly what you do, right? Not necessarily. If you’re dealing with a fisher,…
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Why You’re Unwilling to Charge What You’re Worth

Are you charging $50, $100, or even $500 for a logo? If you are, you can charge more. But will you? The difference between charging a price that seems “safe” and “comfortable” versus requiring your clients to pay your full value is confidence. What school you went to, where you live, your previous experience: none of that really matters. What matters is having the confidence to place a high value on what you do. Do you have that confidence? If you’re here, and if you’re like many other designers, you probably don’t. And I’ve thought about that a lot –…
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We’re Hiring! Summer/Fall 2017 Internships

The Futur is seeking a marketing intern! While this is a junior-level position, given that we are small team, there is growth opportunity for the right person that wants to take initiative and commits to the success of our brand. What we’re looking for is someone who is interested in and/or has experience in: Search Engine Optimization Email Marketing + Automation Conversion Rate Optimization Google Adwords Facebook Advertising Web Analytics Content Creation and Distribution What We’re Looking For: A motivated and resourceful self-learner. We’re looking for evidence of your ability to teach yourself things in a short amount of time.…
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How to Start and Run a Design Business

What do you need to know to start and run a design business?  Chris Do imparts knowledge on the most important issues entrepreneurs face when starting and running a business.

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Staff, Freelance or Entrepreneur?

Pros and cons of being a freelancer vs having a staff position. Blind Creative Director Mathew Encina shares his experience in the field. Click below to open iTunes and listen:

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Vincent S - The Futur

“Get ready to be inspired, supported and grow!”

– Vincent S.


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