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We’re odd birds. We are designers who love the spotlight. If you have an event that you think we’d be valuable to your audience, we would love to hear from you! Our topics include general creativity, design, the business of design, the creative and knowledge economies, and creative direction.

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If you’ve purchased our products, we encourage you to do comprehensive reviews – both on your own channels and on ours. Just find the appropriate product page and leave your review there.

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Ever wanted to see a Futur episode taped live? It’s possible! Keep an eye on the events page for details, and join us here in Santa Monica at The Futur HQ! Some tapings cost a nominal fee, but some are offered for free.

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We aren’t a non-profit, but several of our audience have sent financial donations, simply because we’ve helped them grow. Anything helps us further our mission. And for you hardcore fans, don’t forget Chris’ ten percent!

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