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Why Listening To Understand Is Such an Important Part of Making a Sale

If you’ve read our last two blogs, you know that listening is important, and you know how to listen well. Today I want to make it clear just how important listening is when it comes to sales. We’ve all heard the cliche of the door to door vacuum salesman who bullies his way into your house and harasses you to buy – even when you don’t have a carpet. None of us want to be that guy. That’s where listening comes in. Listening to Understand Listening to understand a potential client is absolutely critical if you’re trying to make a…

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Finding Your Sales Mindset

Asking For The Sale: Having The Right Sales Mindset To Guide You To the Sale

You’ve got something to provide. Your prospective client needs what you have. What’s the best approach to get from point A to point B? That depends. What’s your sales mindset? There are a lot of different ways to think about how you approach and present yourself to the people you may do business with in the future. Today I want to take a closer look at two of them. The first approaches sales by being focused and direct. The second encourages clients to come to you through cultivating education and influence. Which one is right for you? Sales Mindset 1:…

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Asking For The Sale: What's Your Lead's Problem?

Getting To The Heart Of Your Lead’s Problem

Asking for a sale can be a lot like asking someone out on a date. You can put a lot of time and effort in beforehand without ever knowing if it’s going to pay off. That can work out fine (sometimes) in the dating world, but it’s a really, really frustrating way to ask for a sale. Everyone you meet has a problem. Some of those problems you’re able to solve. By quickly and clearly communicating that fact, you can avoid wasting time and get to the ask. So… What’s Your Problem? Building a scaffolding to the ask by focusing…

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How to build rapport, even when it feels weird.

How to Build Rapport

Wouldn’t it be nice if all your sales came handed to you wrapped up in a little bow? Wonder how the great salespeople build rapport with their leads? Referrals are a beautiful thing. But let’s be honest – there are going to be times when you have to get out there and look for work. So you hit the next networking event. People everywhere. Chaos. What do you do next? How do you build up to asking for a sale when starting any kind of conversation at all feels really, really weird? Here’s what I’ve found works for getting over…

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Finding Bigger Design Clients

How To Find Bigger Design Clients Outside of Upwork

We’ve all been there. Upwork, eLance, Freelancer or other platforms are easy ways to kickstart a freelancing gig. Many of us, myself included, got our start with Upwork (well, it was oDesk back then). The clients are all there, they’ve outlined exactly what they want, and they’ve told you how much they expect to pay. Seems like an ideal situation, right? Almost like going fishing at the aquarium: everything is transparent and everyone is on the same playing field. But after a few projects, Upwork begins to become uncomfortable, and you realize… You’ll never make enough money on Upwork. It’s sad.…

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